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Gardnerville Station
We have, with many thanks to McGinley & Associates and BRAMCO Construction, finished the site cleanup phase of the project.  This last round of work removed the remaining known contaminated soils on the site.  A total of 675 tons of material was removed from the site, well over the anticipated contamination area by almost a factor of 4.  Thank you to the state staff and board of the State Petroleum Fund for all the support getting this site cleaned up.

The large station canopy between the road and the building was removed allowing the contamination to be removed under the concrete pad and will allow NDOT to increase the radius of the curve there so that the vehicles pulling trailers do not track onto the sidewalk. The plan is to increase the curve seven feet into the parcel, making the curve safer to maneuver for those next to a trailer vehicle and those semi's that come through town.

The Dube` Group is finishing up the building renovation improvement plans,which the town will submit for a building permit in April.  Staff is looking at the possibility of installing an underground storm water detention system allowing the highway storm water to discharge into the new Hellwinkel channel.  Improving the drainage south of the highway will allow future private investment in this area of town.  R O Anderson Engineering is working on the flood modeling of both the channel and the "S" curve area.

The county, on behalf of the town, just submitted the State Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), that, if selected, will fund the building improvements and underground storage tank needed in the future for drainage improvements across the street and along the highway.  The town and county should know at the end of April 2017 if the project stands to be funded.  There were 19 applications for the funding across the state.

Next phases for the effort will be:
  • The "S" curve improvements and curve smoothing, adding a catch basin and drainage network connected to the underground storm water basin, and rearrange the Douglas 395 intersection  (Conceptual plan)
  • Work with NDOT storm water and hydraulics to get a plan for mitigating the flood water under 395, including enlarging the existing culvert under 395 at Toler
  • Install the drainage pipe and fiber conduit from the station to Hellwinkel Channel, and
  • Do the site improvements for the Gardnerville station.

Gardnerville Station final approved plans

Canopy coming down at Gardnerville Station
Eaglecanopy demolition.jpg

Historical Photos of Gardnerville Station
 Old Shell-Gville StationOld Shell gas station
 Eagle Gas