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Town Projects


 1..  Martin Slough Trail Amenities - Land and water conservation grant was extended one more year and the town will be contracting this work out to a local contractor to extend a dg path from the concrete angle at the pond path to Gilman Ave, install concrete stairs to Chichester Drive for access, a new pedestrian trail ADA ramp and new pedestrian crossing at Chichester and Gilman Avenue at the existing bridge.  The path will continue along the westerly pond and connect to the path behind the middle school.
 2.  Martin Slough Trail - The State of Nevada is performing the environmental study and easement or land acquisition.  This is what is holding up the project to date.
 3.  Kingslane Sidewalk - Lumos & Associates engineering firm is working on the improvement plans for this project.  We have met with the Kingslane HOA and discussed and coordinated the plans for the new wall along the highway. NV Energy plans are complete for a new meter and street lighting.  NDOT is reviewing our proposed streetlight concept at the relocated crosswalk.
 4.  Highway 395 Crosswalk Upgrades -  11/2/15 Lumos was awarded the engineering/surveying/materials testing and construction phase services. A study was needed for NDOT to review the view shed corridor.
 5.  Hellwinkel Barn - We have not received the structural plans yet on this project.  We anticipate putting this project out to bid once we receive the plans.
 Recently Completed
  1. Hellwinkel Flood Channel/Pedestrian path from Toler to Gilman Ave - Funded by State Question 1 Funds and town funds
  2. Hussman Drainage (south end) - Added a larger drainage pipe from Hussman to Cottonwood slough, allowing the storm water to flow off of the street and gutter, reducing the constant flooding issue at the end of Hussman Avenue.
  3. Mill Street - new curb, gutter, sidewalk and street improvements in partnership with Trinity Lutheran Church's parking lot project - 1/2 Mill Street was re-graded and paved to raise the old curb and gutter up to create positive drainage in the street.
  4. Douglas/Mill Street - ADA and sidewalk improvements were completed, which created compliant ADA access.  Relocated the street signs at the back of curb and extended the sidewalk towards Highway 395 for a future project when the town can get the Mill Street crosswalk improvements complete.  All these improvements helped divert storm water from Mill Street north along Douglas to reduce the storm water flow down to Hussman Ave.